From the Desk of Principal

Dear Samarpan Parents and Students,

Welcome to the world of Samarpan where education is the way of life!

For the last two decades Samarpan Arts and Commerce College has been a place of opportunity for all students. We endeavour to cater for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. Synonymous with dedication, Samarpan is a warm and welcoming community serving towards providing holistic and all-round education.

Many opportunities exist within the campus, widely known as Samarpan Education and Research Campus managed by Gandhinagar Charitable Trust. Students can engage in competitions, a sporting life, camps, modern facilities and trips. Students are encouraged to enrol in knowledge based activities like quizzing and preparations for competitive exams. The College also has gentle and inclusive distance learning programme centre of IGNOU.

The College is guided by the philanthropic vision of our Managing Trustee Shree Shankersinh Vaghela. Personal mentoring is the focus. Promoting research and quest for knowledge by cultivating the culture of scientific thinking are the final goals.

We work with our prime stakeholders- parents. When you entrust your child to us, we take this as a great responsibility and attempt to make some difference in making the young one better human being.

The young generation is passionate about technology, something we encourage too. But, at the same time we attempt at making them equally compassionate towards fellow human beings.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Samarpan, we welcome our promising students and hope your experience at Samarpan is memorable, elevating and enriching.

Dr. Rajesh Mehta